Ghost Tank

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You have 60 seconds to clear each level of enemies, missiles and mines to claim victory. Use your special powers to get you out of trouble.

This game has a unique shooting style, which is different from most shooting games.

To shoot, you must CLICK and DRAG in the direction of your enemy. This is important as this game requires skill in aiming at your target. Make sure you play the training levels first to practice your aim.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to maneuver your Ghost Tank. CONTROL to fire 360 Special Attack. SHIFT to get into Ghost mode (3 seconds duration). "P" to pause / unpause game.

Ghost Tank is available for Primary Sponsorship and Non-exclusive site locked licensing. More details can be found at

Latest update - cropped unwanted sound loops - file size from 600 kb to 440kb



Ghost Tank
3.8 / 5.0 (11 Votes)
Blast through waves of military targets in this addictive shootem'up. Press CTRL, and see what happens!